Dave Takes on the Tories

British rapper Dave from Streatham,¬†South London, has been a rising figure in the UK hip hop and grime scene since he debuted on street starz in 2015. He is known for his emotionally charged freestyle and open, vulnerable lyrics, but his new single 'Question Time' is perhaps¬† his rawest song yet, taking on the tumultuous… Continue reading Dave Takes on the Tories


Potato Drag Queens

It all started with a potato and a dream "Make me a star," he said, and the internet did not disappoint: CATEGORY IS: Serving Spud Realness 1. Baked (potato) Alaska 2. Chipsy Mattel 3. Mash-aron Needles  4. Not today potato salad 5. Skinny fries chachki 6. Okurrrly fries    7. Detox from carbs 8. Australia's… Continue reading Potato Drag Queens