Your Biggest Fear?

Viral platform ‘Postize’ recently asked what people’s biggest fear or phobia was… in a GIF.

As lovers of GIF’S we were obviously all over this! Let’s see what people said

1. Yep



2. Nope

giphy (14)


3. Oh hell nope



4. What the



5. I feel you hunni



6. It’s getting heavy up in here

giphy (16)


7. We hear you



8. This



9. Um

giphy (17)


10. *Vomits into sleeve*

worm gif


11. *Shuts down computer*

giphy (15)


12. *Hides under bed*

cockroach gif


13. *Leaves Earth*

spider gif


14. Okay y’all need Jesus

giphy (18)


Sleep well. You’re welcome.


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