11 Times Rihanna Was All Of Us Going To Work With a Hangover

Going in to work after a heavy night. Is there anything more terrifying and admirable all in one?

RiRi knows. She’s got all the stages covered.


1. Waking up in last night’s clothes like

giphy (30)


2. Hearing your alarm and wanting to die

giphy (19)


3. Sitting in the shower re-evaluating your life

giphy (28)


4. Getting back into bed after you’re dressed cos you hate yourself

giphy (32)


5. You and your mate looking at yourselves in the mirror like ‘what have we done?’

giphy (25)


6. And then realising you actually have to leave. Like, this is legit happening.

giphy (24)


7. Not having time to eat or wash properly but making time to do your nails cos you’re not an animal

giphy (27)


8. How your bag feels today

giphy (26)


9. Sitting on the bus trying to hold it together

giphy (23)


10. Realising you can’t make it through and going full hair of the dog in the toilets with your mate

giphy (21)


11. Turning up to work high key drunk and hungover and pretending you’re a responsible adult

giphy (22)


Rihanna’s got you bae. She knows.


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